SENET currently boasts one of the largest hydrometallurgical process teams in Africa, with a deep knowledge base in SX/EW and concentrator plant designs. To-date, SENET has provided more than 18 copper/cobalt facilities on the African Copperbelt.

Key copper projects include four phases of one of the largest copper plants in the DRC, as well as the Kipoi Project (DRC) and the Etoile copper/cobalt project (DRC), to name a few.

Featured Projects

Etoile SX-EW

SENET was awarded the engineering and procurement (EP) services for client's flagship project, Etoile, located in the African Copperbelt.

Nkomati project

The Nkomati Mine and Process Plant was built in two phases by SENET. The fist phase consisted of a small 10 tph pilot plant from run of mine ore...

SNIM Iron Ore

G&S Engineering have held this contract since February 2015 and successfully rolled over into a new contract in 2016. It involves 30 full-ti...