Multi-Disciplinary Engineering

SENET provides complete multidisciplinary engineering solutions for its clients. The extent of SENET’s expertise is demonstrated across the core disciplines of civil, structural, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation and controls. Over the years, SENET’s engineers have gained a wealth of experience in implementing fit-for-purpose and cost-effective engineering design solutions through the application of SENET’s RAMBOE philosophy.

SENET’s fully integrated engineering design software allows for intelligent value-adding processes throughout the design life cycle. SENET’s general works closely with its clients to identify specific project requirements and address unforeseen challenges. Understanding the business requirements is key to delivering projects efficiently and exceeding the client’s expectations.

SENET’s experience in heap leach materials handling solutions has resulted in customised innovative products that address critical maintenance and operational challenges faced by its clients. These robust solutions include mobile grasshoppers, ramps, transverse and stacker index feed conveyors, slewing stackers with a telescopic stinger conveyor, and customised agglomeration drums.

Featured Projects

Proyecto Riotinto

Phase I (2014) involved refurbishment of identified equipment and recommissioning of the existing process plant facilities. As part of the desig...

Iduapriem Gold Project

The Iduapriem project was implemented to process low-grade 0.5 g/t gold ore through heap leaching.

Taparko Gold Project

The Taparko gold plant was designed, procured and shipped to site, constructed and commissioned. The plant w as sized to process 1 Mt/a of combi...